Other Displays to see:

Middle Peninsula/Peninsula Area:

Franktronics - Gloucester
3618 George Washington Memorial Highway, Hayes, VA
Frank is at the forefront of light display technology. He controls thousands of RGB pixels with nearly 10,000 channels of control, at last count. His pixel-strip tree is a must see, and so are his singing trees!

(To give you some perspective: I control roughly 200 channels, and blink entire strings on and off to create effects. Frank controls over 10,000 channels - each bulb is individually controllable, allowing him to create breathtaking effects that will blow your mind away!)

Stern Family Light Show - Newport News
108 Sheffield Way, Newport News, VA
If you find yourself crossing the Coleman Bridge, you need to stop by this display off of Warwick Blvd less than 2 miles from the Walmart/Sams Club. Computer controlled and well syncronized to music, you really must to stop by and watch. I enjoyed watching this display for the first time in 2013.

I'll be updating this list with my "favorites" in Richmond, Northern Virginia, and Hampton Roads as I have time to gather their information.